Saturday, January 10, 2015

Do you see what they see?

Hello World...

How many times have you been in a bad mood, depressed and couldn't look at yourself in the mirror?   Have you ever looked in the mirror and not even  recognized who was looking back?

You didn't really like what you saw....

And THEN you get around some positive people and someone looks at you and calls you a survivor, a strong person, a real friend and the whole time you're sitting there smiling but thinking "is she talking about ME?"

Yes!  They are talking about YOU!  It amazes me how we are so hard on ourselves.  Somewhere, something bad happened in your life and you can't let it go.  You continuously knock yourself down and don't allow yourself to just learn from the life lesson.  Listen, it's ok to have a quick pity party when shit goes bad but don't let it turn into a convention.  Cry and yell and then sit down with a pen and piece of paper and figure out a solution to whatever "it" is.

Get around some positive people so you can be reminded of who you are!  Yes, we go through crazy stuff in life and Yes the outcome is not always good.  BUT if you stay true to who you really are and keep moving forward, you will get back to your good self.  So look back at the, now tear stained, list of solutions and smile.  Wipe your eyes and clean your runny nose and look in the mirror again and check out that amazing person staring back!


Get around some of your friends and see if you see what they see.   Get around some people that see you for who you really are and remember who you really are!  And as you exit this post (thank you for reading by the way) I give you one of my celebratory songs to jam to!  Jam Here!  (yes there is a line dance to this....) LOL!

Peace and Blessings....

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Take Me Back...

Hello World...

I'm sure some of you have heard that we've recently lost a music legend.  Andrae Crouch is known for his gospel hits but had his hand in the entire music world with production and song writing plugs all over.

The Crouch family was one of the groups that inspired me as a young musician to use my gifts for the Lord.  I purchased song books that included his hits and even had the songbook version of one of his albums which allowed me to attempt to tackle his writing genius.  Back then I had the skills to handle those music staffs, now I just look through it and reminisce about the passion and nimbleness that I possessed.  The death of a such a great talent just reminds me that we are all born with something for the world.  It is up to us to do what we need to do take our skills to the professional level and get it to the world.  Reverend Crouch took off at an early age and was focused on his goal of making music to uplift Jesus.  At 15, he wrote a song that became one of my favorites at an early age and I sang at every invited church "The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power".  Another favorite of mine and go-to song was "Soon And Very Soon", a great group or solo pick.

His life just reminds me that time is of the essence.  Not that I was unaware of that before but it just brings it home again.  I never met him personally but he was an influence on me.  I spent the Christmas holidays in the hospital as my Mom got well.  Even though she's doing great and at home, that time of spending the night in the hospital and helping her with respiratory treatments (at least pushing the button for the nurse) reminded me again that life is precious and can be taken in a moment.  Looking around at my life, I really want the Lord to (in the words of the late Rev Crouch) take me back to the place where I first received you...where I first believed.  There was a time that you couldn't tell me anything my gifts made room.  Somewhere the steam cooled and I began to settle in life, in everything.

I was speaking with a co-worker earlier today (who happens to be a musician.  He went on a music sabbatical and today we discussed him creating another band.  And I told him (while talking to myself) that as an artist we only truly function at 100% by working in and with our gifts.  Anything else that we do is a holding place and our interest fizzles quickly.  The music is the only thing that holds our attention and it holds it for life!

I encourage YOU (yes YOU) to keep moving forward in your gift.  Don't lose speed, don't lose steam.  And when you feel your interest waning, ask the Father, the Universe to take you back to the time and space when your passion kept you focused!

I congratulate you (in advance) for your completed goals and objectives!

Peace and Blessings....

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Let's Get It Started....

Hello World...

2014 was not as grand as I'd liked it.  I had some things to happen but not as many objectives met as I'd liked.  Totally my fault.  But there were some awesome events that I can smile about.  I became MORE active in modeling, I even have a new website which showcases some past photoshoots as well as modeling gigs I participated in you can view that here.  My singing...aaaah not some much.  I'm back in touch with my vocal coach but I need to reactivate everything.  One of my sisters got was a BE-autiful ceremony!  Everything else has gone o-kay.  Not fabulous but o-kay.  I have learned how to walk in 3 inch heels (kinda) LOL.  Thanks to the Tina Bridges monthly class, not only can I walk in them but I'm learning to walk like a model should.  This year will be better than last year. LOL!

So for 2015...heeey in my MC Hammer voice "Let's Get It Started"....

The Christmas/New Year holidays were interesting.  I spent Christmas Day in the hospital with my mom, she had a planned procedure that had complications which prolonged her stay.  Thankfully I left her at home today (1/1/15) and feeling fine! Praise God!

I had some meaningful convesations with girlfriends and came out of it with a renewed mindset.  What is a friend?  You know, a real friend, I mean a real real friend doesn't need to be coddled and stroked everyday, that is the definition/description of someone that needs attention or an attention seeker.  Apparently my personality doesn't support those types so they excuse themselves..which is good because even though i'm a GREAT listener and can give input if wanted, I don't have time for back to back negativity and whining.  It's very very draining. one of my younger cousins said in a FB post "Not every person you lose is a loss." So true, so true indeed!

For 2015...more social media marketing.  EADWM is taking off, I have several new projects underway, I'm very very excited about my food review company.  AND of course getting ready for the SHE Created iT annual February event, be on the lookout for flyers and information for this awesome event.  One other organization that I'm part of as Women With Gifts, headed up by Lanette Kincaid.  This entails uplifting women and their gifts (hence the name).  I'm doing some social media marketing for an upcoming event in March called "I survived". This event is to support those that are survivors of sexual abuse, domestic violence and breast cancer; you can purchase your tickets here.  I will be in Texas for that event. So not only do I plan on doing more online events but also more traveling, domestic and international.  I plan on staying involved in whatever is going on.

There is a LOT on the plate but I have created my vision wall and will be checking off items on a regular basis.  And OMG one of my friends brought back some memories of my entrepreneural days!  NO details right now but let's just say that some business ideas that were tucked away in the drawer have been pulled out.  I'm excited!  More to come soon!!

The motivational part of this blog entry is this:
Continue forward, 2014 may have included some backwards AND forwards movement.  That's okay, Don't beat yourself up about it because there's NOthing you can do about it.  The only thing you can do is figure out the next step and that should be easy with Universal guidance.  If you meditate and pay attention, you'll hear the answer.  That's one thing I plan on adding into my daily routine is meditation.  I've never done it before but I know it would help calm my mind and keep me grounded.

In the words of a witty flight attendant:  For those that paid attention to the safety instructions, "thank you"; to those that chose not to pay attention "Good luck".

Peace and Blessings....

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Lessons Learned....

Hello World....

Perfect?  By no means, webster defines being perfect as:
having no mistakes or flaws
: completely correct or accurate
: having all the qualities you want in that kind of person, situation, etc.

I don't know of anyone that falls under that definition, although lots people strive to pose as such to the real world.  What I do know is that for the 42 years (soon to be 43) that I've lived on this earth, I strived to do the best that I can under my normal circumstances.  Brought up in a Christian home (currently on church sabbotical) with a personal relationship with my Creator, given a wide berth in life to succeed or fail.  Meaning, given a chance to experience life, shown that so much more lies out there; that we are not blocked in our limited views, shown that (in the words of the Clark Sisters) the sky is the limit.  

Perfect? Never will be but I do have some answers to some life lessons.  As an observer, I've watched other people do things and succeed and fail.  Habits either make us or break us.  Being consistent is a habit in all of us; consistently failing or consistently succeeding.  It's either one of the two.  We have to figure out the best way of succeeding in life, a healthy way to succeed in life.  We have to realize when a so-called "good thing" is unhealthy.  Just because it brings pleasure to you doesn't mean it's good for you.  Yes the sky is the limit BUT if you get up there by the wrong means, you will fall to the ground quickly.  Like a body on a torn parachute.  No rip cord, no protection just hitting the ground with a thud.  Pray for guidance and listen to those that come before you.  The fact that they have lived years before you gives them some knowledge of lessons learned.  Youth gives you assumptions that the elders know nothing, they are weak and know nothing of the good times to be had in the world.....when the fact is that elders have already experienced those good times and know first hand what happens when the wrong choices are made.  Think about it and learn from everyone else's lessons. I perfect? Nope and I am NOT striving to be perfect it's more of striving to be the best Annissa that I can be!  Am I learning my lessons Yes...And it seems, even now, i'm still attempting to share them.  Whether anyone listens or not...welp...that's up to them.  I don't force people to do ANYthing nor do I like drama and confrontation.  Life goes is what it is...Just learn your lesson...I know I'm learning mine. 

To be continued.....

Peace and Blessings...
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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Walking into the storm...

Hello World....

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 Walking home a few days ago, I looked up and noticed very dark clouds ahead of me.  This moment I literally walking into a storm.  Luckily for me it was NOT raining yet but I knew it was coming.  It reminded me that sometimes in life we see situations coming but we don't stop moving forward...we don't stop moving forward because we know the situation will pass and life will go on.

This will be a short one I say to matter what you are dealing with - encourage yourself to keep moving forward and continue forth walking thru the storm.

Peace and Blessings....

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Control...Watch out for "Any Dude"

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Hello World....

I was speaking to a young lady the other day and she was sharing her new life moves with me.  She was hopng that her new life included a certain young man that she could count on.  But as soon as she really started sharing her action plans with him he immediately showed his true colors.  Yep, the control monster reared its ugly head quickly and tried to push pause on her dreams.  She stuck to her guns and disconnected from him immediately.

This conversation took me to a flashback of  some specific memories.  Made me think of times that I've allowed an insecure male individual to stop/pause a goal pursuit.  WHY? Because at the time, I had the preposterous idea that I needed this dude (we'll nickname him "Any Dude") in my life to check off something.  Don't get me wrong, I love our Kings and the right King is ideal for me but not just any dude.  We ladies have to be careful because "Any Dude" comes in all shapes, sizes and mindsets.  You see "Any dude" can be:

  • One that doesn't have a plan and he wants you to not have a plan too.   

  • "Any Dude" may have some success under his belt but due to his childhood upbringing only knows how to attract and oppress a female individual.  He doesn't know how to uplift because he's never learned it.

  • "Any Dude" can also be manipulative and say the magic words and phrases to attract a motivated female individual with false support.  And at his self-appointed time he will launch the "let me try to stop her" plan.  
    • If the female individual is strong-willed and determined, she will see the light immediately and break off any connection.  
    • If the female individual is wavering in the self-esteem department, sadly "Any Dude" has a chance of succeeding and crazy enough it makes him happy.

Sadly, "Any Dude" operates in a world of control.  He LOVES to control other people, it gives him power, in his mind at least.

I encourage my fellow female individuals to organize your list, make a plan and work your plan.  Check your list to make sure you stay on track.  When obstacles come your way, adjust.

Control can be good and bad.  On one hand, definitely make sure your life is stable but on the other hand don't try to control EVERYthing because some things are beyond that word; everything in moderation.  There are some moments when you have go with the flow, still going forward, still working the plan go forward with a success.  When you try to control EVERYthing, you literally arrest your ideas, and what happens when someone is under arrest?  Yes they are stopped and locked up and that's what happens to your goals/dreams.

Lastly, don't get caught up in the bright lights and get distracted.  Distraction is when "Any Dude" is able to slip in.

The title/topic is "Control" out for that mindset.  It can create chaos and confusion AND stop you from reaching your goals.  Oh yes, one more thing......stay away from "Any Dude"!

Peace and Blessings....

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Running From Yourself...

Hello World....

Just a few words for wisdom and encouragement before you start your day.

We are born with a purpose.  Some get to know theirs before others...others give up...others keep going in the hopes that ONE day the answer will come.  In a different category, some figure it out and then run from it in the name of FEAR.  Coming from a SHECreatediT business seminar yesterday (9/21/14),  I had the pleasure of sitting in front of an awesome person, Myron Schippers.   and listen about Goal Setting.  Among the other information that was disseminated at this think tank/meeting of the minds, I got the definition of FEAR: False Evidence Appears Real

Fear makes us run from our objectives, makes us run from ourselves.  What does that mean? It means, you know you are an artist (your purpose), meaning you have a gift that plagues you day in and day out because it's not being fed and created.  Developing your gift will take creativity and work to be successful, so to run away from it.  How?  You take a job in corporate america to get comfortable and get a guaranteed check.  OH wow! you have a paycheck every two weeks and are comfortable yet miserable.  Miserable because your gift is still dancing in your mental waiting to manifest.  Yes! Your gift is present and you dabble in it and each time you dabble you get this feeling of contentment...contentment because you are where you are supposed to be.

I can only speak for me so I'll use me as an example - singing/pianist.  I do it/have done it got scared and I ran...once I started running I kept making up excuses of why I was running.  Even though I'm surrounded by people that are making it happen, I see the process I see them go from planning on paper to fruition and still the excuses come of why I can't do it.  And the more excuses that come up, the worse I feel.  The cycle has to change, the cycle is changing, running around in a circle makes me dizzy.  A good friend of mine just said "stop going back in time" she wasn't talking about this blog or the topic, she doesn't even know I'm writing this right now but it spoke to me because my downfall is to continue to look back on BAD things and allowing my future to be affected.  A question I pose to myself, "what about the GOOD things?  Why not reflect on those and allow my future to be affected?"  Great question self.  We're working on that right now! (Read "Pregnant With A Purpose")

  • First step - Vision Board in full effect!
    • See it/ Plan it/Do it
  • Second step - Create the plan
  • Third step - Do the plan
  • Constant step - Adjust the plan (always)

The moral of this story:

Stop running from your destiny!  Stop letting a made up feeling stop you from being totally happy!  Quit settling for less than....get more than...get YOUR more than!

Peace and Blessings!

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